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This isn’t how I envisioned my 2016 going down.

After a particularly trying morning in the office, I plonked my butt onto my chair and unlocked my desktop. Before I could open up GeBiz to finish up my tasks, my boss popped his head around his door. “Could I get you for a couple of seconds?” From his tone of voice, I knew something … Continue reading

Bad Bus/Lift/Everyfuckingthing Karma / Changed For Good / Fail Whale / Personally Speaking / Probably Shouldn't Have Made It Past The Drawing Board

Patience is a virtue

If you don’t think it is right now, you most certainly will once you have a sprained back. (which is what I have right now) The long story short: My workplace traditionally declares 31 December a holiday for all employees. I figured it was as good a time as any to catch up on the housework. So … Continue reading

Bad Bus/Lift/Everyfuckingthing Karma / Do Not Taunt The Happy Fun Ball

Overweening Privilege At Its Finest: Emil Kaminski

Dear Emil Kaminski, Congrats on achieving what was previously thought impossible: replacing Najib Razak as the most hated man in Malaysia. You know, it’s funny, really. You went to Nepal in April and were capable of being respectful, and apparently even helped in the rescue efforts (or so you portrayed yourself–no one has corroborated), but … Continue reading