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Overweening Privilege At Its Finest: Emil Kaminski

Dear Emil Kaminski, Congrats on achieving what was previously thought impossible: replacing Najib Razak as the most hated man in Malaysia. You know, it’s funny, really. You went to Nepal in April and were capable of being respectful, and apparently even helped in the rescue efforts (or so you portrayed yourself–no one has corroborated), but … Continue reading

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The Legendarium of Mr Lee

The mythologies of the ancient Greeks and Romans are replete with tales of gods and men, mighty heroes of their time. Men of epic battles and voyages, of power and great deeds bordering on the fantastical. Founders of states and intrepid adventurers. Achilles. Hector. Aeneas. Theseus. Hercules. Odysseus. Jason. Romulus and Remus. Immortalised in songs … Continue reading